Paul's 2012 Bobcat
Paul Cherry with 2012 Bobcat


The 2012 deer hunting season was very uneventful for the Cherry clan. Not one of us even saw a shooter. See the hunting page for all the details and photos of some of the nice bucks friends were able to harvest.

I did end up having to tap into the taxidermy fund as I was fortunate enough to call in and harvest a bobcat in early December. The great part was that I went specifically looking for Bobcat and was able to call this one in at the very first spot I called that morning.

Andrew Larson's Sunfish
Andrew Larson with 11+ inch Sunfish


I did a fair amount of fishing last summer including opener at Red Lake and several trips to Canada including one in June and another the first week in September.

I got roped into competing in a catfish tournament on Lake Wissota in Wisconsin by my buddy Chad Bormann. We finished somewhere in the middle of the pack which was not bad considering neither of us had ever gone catfishing.

I also fished a lake several times chasing big sunnies. Pictured to the left is a stinkin sow Andrew Larson caught on one of the trips.