Canada 2008

I made my yearly trip to Canada with Chad Bormann in June. Fishing wasn't as good as in some past years but we still caught quite a few fish, smoked cigars, drank cheap whiskey and listened to 80's rock. So it was still a great trip.

I also made a trip with my brother Mark. During this trip I caught around a 15lb northern while jigging for walleyes. Mark filmed me catching him but unfortunately we didn't take any still shots.

Paul Cherry with Nice Walleye Paul Cherry with Nice Walleye Chad Bormann Catching a Tree Paul Cherry Another Walleye Chad Bormann with Northern Paul Cherry Shore Lunch Chad Bormann with Fish Dinner Chad Bormann Jewish T-shirt

Mark Cherry with Perch on Lazy Ike Mark Cherry with a Walleye Mark Cherry with another Walleye Mark Cherry with Walleye

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