Canada 2009

I made a trip to Canada with Chad Bormann in June. Fishing was pretty slow. For the first time in recorded history Chad caught more walleye's than me. And to make matters worse, he did it again on our 2nd trip over Labor Day weekend.

During the June trip Chad caught a decent Northern, and 6 hours later caught the same northern on the same lure.

On our second trip over Labor Day weekend I did not catch one walleye and Chad only caught three. Chad did have one big pike (over 40 inches) follow his lure right to the boat but that was it.

"I had 75lb Line with a 100lb leader. Cleaned my junk right off. That one was a player."  ...Some Canadian Guy at Wawang Lake

Chad Bormann with Northern Chad Bormann with Perch Rapala Mess Chad Bormann with Walleye Chad Bormann AKA Nelson Chad Bormann 1st Walleye Chad Bormann 2nd Walleye Chad Bormann 3rd Walleye

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