Canada 2010

I made two trips to Canada in 2010. The first over Father's Day weekend with Chad "the Pike Pimp" Bormann. Fishing was great. We only caught one big Northern, but the Walleye fishing was outstanding. I caught the Northern (41 inches) on 6lb line while jigging for walleyes so needless to say it took a while to land it. Per the usual, Chad showed up with some goofy ass lure, and proceeded to immediately catch a smarmy Pike.

I made a 2nd trip over the 4th of July with my brother Mark and the Sunblad's. The weather was not super cooperative. Fortunately we were staying in a nice 5th wheel camper rather than a tent!

Paul with 41inch Northern

Paul with 41inch Northern

"Every time I see the word Legendary on your T-shirt, all I can think about is how much of a legendary jackass you are."  ...Chad Bormann

Father's Day Trip

Pimp with a Pike Paul Cherry with a Big Walleye Paul Cherry with a Walleye Paul Cherry with another Walleye Chad with Fish On Chad's Goofy Lure Chad with a Walleye Paul Cherry with Captain Morgan

4th of July Trip

Mark Sunblad with a Walleye Paul Cherry 35inch Pike Sherry Sunblad with a Walleye Mark Cherry with a Pike

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