Chad Bormann's 44 Inch Pike

Canada 2011

I made my annual trip to Canada over Father's Day weekend with Chad "the Pike Pimp" Bormann. As he always does, Chad showed up with some ridiculous lure, and immediately caught a smarmy Pike the same size as the lure. He did redeem himself later that day by catching the 44 Inch Pike pictured to the left on the same lure.

The fishing was unbelievable. Between us we caught over 300 walleyes. Even though we don't fish for them, we also managed to catch a couple 12-15lb Northerns and a few others in the 10 lb range. Then there was the fire in the boat...

Like many years we also made a trip in September. The weather as in 2010 was ridiculously warm. Great weather to fish in but not so good for the fishing.

"Fire in the boat, fire in the boat, fire in the boat."  ...Paul Cherry

Paul Cherry with Nice Northern Paul Cherry with another Northern Paul Cherry with Walleye Paul Cherry with another Walleye Chad Bormann with Kiss Mask Fire in the Boat Giant Daredevil

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