2005 Hunting

Paul's 2005 Whitetail


Rifle Season

On November 13th, 2005 I harvested this whitetail. It is my largest whitetail to date (scoring about 4 inches better than my previous best).

  • Weight: In excess of 200lbs
  • Points: Nine scorable points
  • B&C Score: 144 1/8
  • Weapon: Browning 7mm Rem Mag

In all I saw 10 different bucks during the firearms season including a 10 pt, three 8 pointers, and an absolute monster up at Tower (probably pushing Boone and Crocket) that I wasn't able to get a shot at.

Read the full story of my 2005 hunt.

This past fall we had great success deer hunting. In addition to my buck my brother Mark took a nice 8-pointer. My brother Steve hit an old, big-racked buck. Unfortunately we were not able to recover the deer. We later found out his scope was off and the shot most likely caught the buck in his brisket. In addition, we all saw other bucks that we passed on. We are firm believers in the phrase "Let him go, so he can grow". In fact, Mark saw another very nice buck, but not having a very clear shot he let the deer walk. Five minutes later a shot rang out from directly where the buck was headed. Unfortunately when you pass on deer they may get taken by someone else. But if you want to grow big bucks it's a chance you have to take.

Bear Hunting

In addition to the usual hunting for deer, grouse, ducks, and pheasants this fall we also bear hunted. Myself, Mark, and Del Benz hunted my brother's land up west of Cloquet. We had great weather (nice temps with very few mosquito's) and all saw bears. Del harvested a small bear for the freezer. On the very first day on stand he saw one bear around 250lbs. and a second bear he estimated to be in excess of 300lbs. He passed on both of these bears hoping my brother would get to see one of them. That's the kind of guy Del is. Unfortunately Mark only saw a couple of small bears.

As for me, this year I elected to use my bow rather than a rifle. I saw a small bear a couple of times the first weekend. After spending 5 days fishing in Canada I came back ready to hit it again. During the following week I went up to the land on a Wednesday to bait. I figured as long as I was there I might as well sit on a stand. Shortly before dark I had a very respectable bear (probably the 250lb one Del saw) come in. A great opportunity at only 11 yards. However, I elected to pass on the bear as I was hoping for something bigger, it was getting close to dark, and more importantly I was hunting by myself. In hindsight I probably should have taken the bear but that's okay. It was great just getting to see him.

Paul's Deer Hunt Continued...

On November 13th, 2005 I harvested a great 9pt whitetail. The previous day I spent the last 3 hours of the day hunting in a pouring rain that turned to sleet and snow overnight. Knowing that the deer would be holed up and having hunted for 8 days straight I elected to sleep in the next day. Around noon the weather broke, the sun came out and the winds diminished. I hurried to get ready and get to my stand. With the weather cold and clear the deer would be up and moving.

Within 15 minutes I spotted a doe feeding into sight. I immediately realized she was in estrus (as she had her tail cocked and was acting very fidgety). Within seconds I spotted the buck feeding about 15 yards behind her. I didn't have a shot at that time but they both were making their way closer. He then proceeded to lip-curl and chase her through the brush. On several occasions I had a shot but he was always moving when I could see him clearly. Eventually he ran her off out of sight.

Since they didn't know I was there I knew it was likely I would see him again. About 2 minutes later I spotted his rack out in the brush. This time I had a shot and I made it count.

A big Thanks to Uncle Jerry and Cousin Mike who stopped by on their way home from hunting to give me a hand getting this one out of the woods.


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