2007 Hunting

Paul with 2007 Buck

Paul and Del with 2007 Bears


On November 9, 2007 I harvested the deer pictured to the left. I probably should have passed on it as I believe it was only a 3 1/2 year old, but it's still a nice buck and after the season I have had I wasn't going to blow another opportunity. Three days prior to this I had a 13 pt buck that probably would have pushed 150 inches at 50 yards. I had him in the crosshairs broadside but one more step and he was going to be totally out in the open. As you can probably guess, he turned and went straight away from me never offering another acceptable shot. I also saw a number of other smaller bucks. Both Mark and Steve saw bucks as well but no shooters.

During the muzzleloader season our neighbor Dave shot a great big old 9-pt buck only about 400 yards from were I took my deer.

I also hunted in Wisconsin with my friend Troy Robus who shot a nice 10-pt buck. A friend of Troy's (Shawn) also harvested a 134 inch 10-pt buck off Troy's land. I was able to get a doe so I now have earned a buck tag for next year. I also saw several bucks but no shooters.

Bear Hunting

On September 2, 2007 Del Bentz and I harvested the bears pictured to the left. We didn't weigh either of them but the one I shot probably weighed around 250lbs. So basically I now have a lot of bear meat as well as a hefty taxidermy bill! Mark was able to capture Del's hunt on film.


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