2009 Hunting

Paul's 2009 Buck

Paul with 2009 Buck.

Other photos of the Buck:

2009 Buck 1    2009 Buck 2
2009 Buck 3    2009 Buck 4

Jakes 2009 Bear


Deer Hunting

On Sunday November 8th I was fortunate enough to harvest a nice 10pt buck. I took this buck on public land a few miles from home. It rough scored 152 inches.

My goal for the season was to shoot a nice buck in a new piece of public hunting ground near where I live. I think I might have succeeded.

Bear Hunting

Mark and I were not drawn for a bear tag this year, but I did help out some other people with bear hunting.

My cousin's son Matt shot his first bear ever on the second weekend of the season. Needless to say he was pretty excited. Although not nearly as excited as his dad.

My neighbor Jake shot a 296lb bear on the first night in a spot I had found last year. We think it might be this bear that we had gotten pictures of last year.

Grouse Hunting

I did some Grouse hunting on opening weekend with some friends from High School: Terry Pedersen and Doug Pedersen. It was in the 80's and humid. Not the best weather so we didn't do a lot of hunting. We were able to get a couple even with the tough conditions.


Motor Sports


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