2010 Hunting

Dylan's 2010 Buck

Dylan Schwinn with 2010 12pt Buck.

Joel Bayerl's 2009 Muzzleloader Buck

Joel Bayerl with 2010 Bow Buck.

Uncle Jerry's 2009 Buck

Uncle Jerry with 2010 Buck.


2010 Deer Hunting

On Sunday November 7th my cousin Mike's son Joseph shot his first deer - a yearling. My cousin Rob's son Jordan also shot his first deer - a spike buck.

During the rifle season I saw over 10 different bucks but never the one I was looking for. On 3 different occassions I saw bucks chasing does including one doe that was being chased by 3 buck at once. I also saw a couple of bucks during the muzzleloader season.

I did see a couple of decent bucks. Here are a couple of stories about those days:

Day two of the season started out cool with calm conditions and found me in a different stand from Day 1. I saw my first buck, a spike, shortly after 8am. Around 10am I heard a buck chasing a doe. They ended up with the doe 20 yards to my left and the buck 20 yards to the right. After shaking off the water (they had come through the swamp) and milling around a bit, the buck proceeded to come right to the base of my tree. He then bedded down directly under my stand. After around 10 minutes he got up, walked past my stand, rubbed on a tree and then began chasing the doe around. They came by my stand several times before moving off. Wish I would have had my camera. The buck was a 10 pointer but was not the caliber I am looking for. Maybe in another year.

Day three found me on another stand. The morning was slow and all I saw was a yearling buck. For the afternoon I decided to switch to a different stand. I still hunted into the stand and saw a small fork horn buck on the way. He passed by me at less than 20 yards. When I got to the stand I need to put in some additional pegs to even get into the stand. I climbed up into the stand turned around and immediately spotted a big bodied deer across the swamp from me. Unfortunately even though I had a clear shot at his vitals I couldn't clearly see his rack. He then stepped into the thick brush and lifted his head up so I was able to get a better view of his rack. Turns out he was probably a shooter but I no longer had a shot as he turned and walked off into the thick brush. Nothing like the 150+ inch 10 pointer I saw from the same stand during bow season but a pretty respectable buck.

Bear Hunting

My cousin Rob Cherry shot his first bear this fall. We had hoped to also have his son get his first bear but unfortuntely he was only able to hunt a couple of nights and never saw any bears.

We had lot of bears hitting our baits early in the season. In fact I saw 5 bears at the bait I sat on opening night and Rob saw 3. A couple of our baits had bears early and even though we never hunted them, the bears disappeared after about the first week.


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